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Thank you for registering for this role. Your earning capability is UNLIMITED!

This page contains our expectations and various bonuses applicable to you depending on how you work.

Our goal is to ensure you enjoy and smile to the bank after a diligent monthly work.

Our Payment Structure

Total Traffic Required is 60,000.00 Views. 
First Month Bonus: We will offer a 100% Traffic Bonus for First Month
Monthly Performance Target Your Pay (NGN)
60,000 Traffic Count                30,000.00
Performance Based Renumeration Bonus % of Traffic
Traffic Count between 80,000 and 100,000 5%
Traffic Count between 100,000 and 150,000 10%
Traffic Count between 150,000 and 200,000 15%
Traffic Count between 200,000 and 250,000 20%
Traffic Count above 250,000 25%
* Traffic Above 250,000 will attract perfomance recognition which will involve physical gift items

Example of Earnings per Traffic Count

Example 1

For 85,000 traffic: Since traffic is between 80,000 and 100,000; You qualify for additional 5% of basepay. NOTE: Base pay % is 60% for at least 60,000 Monthly traffic.

Hence,  for 85,000 traffic, applicable % will be 60% + 5% = 65%

Therefore, the earned income will be 85,000 x 65% = N65,000.00

Example 2

For 124,000 traffic: you qualify for additional 10% bonus.

Hence, applicable % 2ill be 60% + 10% = 70%

Therefore, the earned income will be 124,000 & 70% = N86,800.00

Example 3

For 220,000 traffic: you qualify for additional 20% bonus.

Hence, applicable % will be 60% + 20% = 80%

Therefore, the earned income will be 220,000 & 80% = N176,000.00

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Non-Performance Policy

Renumeration is strictly performance based!… As much as we offer attractive bonuses for outstanding performances, there are also penalties for under-performing staffs.

This is a work from home opportunity where we believe everyone should work with little or no supervision. Hence, we require a minimum level of performance from everyone.

We do not believe you have the zeal to work with us with fewer than 60,000 monthly traffic capacity.

Hence, we have the below rules which applies to users who do not meet their monthly targets.

  1. Only your minimum monthly target will qualify you for full payment plus bonuses every month. This will be calculated on the first day of the next month.
  2. In cases where you do not meet your target for the month, a 50% calculated fee of exact traffic will be paid out. Here, your monthly pay will be lower than the N30,000 monthly pay. The balance payment is only redeemable if you meet your next month target. i.e., If you have 50,000 traffic for a month, you will only receive N25,000; and the balance of N5,000 will only be payable if and only if you meet the next month’s target. This balance will be paid alongside your earning for the next month. The balance payment will be forfeited if target for the next month is not met.
  3. Our pay day is 3rd or 4th of Next Month so as to enable us appropriately calculate your traffic.
  4. This policy is liable to changes without notice. Hence, it is your responsibility to check for this update frequently.

Note: We are generous! We understand the need to learn and respect the different learning behaviour of our staffs. Hence, we have given a 100% traffic bonus for the very first month only. Hence, if you have 30,000 traffic, you will be accredited with double traffic, equaling 60,000 traffic for the first month. This will qualify you for N30,000 pay out. Additionally, the bonus scheme applies for this 100% bonus traffic.

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